YK11 SARM Review – A Synthetic Steroidal Cycle for Muscle Building! [2021]

YK 11 Sarms

Sarm YK11 Review – However, in this article, we will tell you the consequences you got to face after using SARMs like YK 11.

YK 11 Sarms

What Is YK11?

YK11 is the muscle building SARM that actually binds to the selective androgen receptors in the muscles and bones, leading to the enhancement of muscle mass growth and bone density.

Due to its selective nature, SARM like YK11 does not provide any form of side effects.

However, in this article, we will tell you the consequences you got to face after using SARMs like YK11.

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How YK11 Works? Mechanism

The basic mechanism of YK11 is the inhibition of Myostatin activity, Myostatin in the human body is a growth, differentiation factor 8 that prevents the myogenesis which is muscle cell growth.

When the level of Myostatin is reduced, your body starts to form excessive muscle mass which is the requirement for bodybuilding.

In this way, you can say YK11 is a myostatin inhibitor, which is way stronger than other SARMs such as LD-4033 and RAD-140.

But here is a flaw, there are only a limited number of studies performed on this SARM and we have very less evidence of human trials in history.

“YK11 has anabolic activity in vitro in C2C12 myoblasts and shows superior potency than dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in this favor”.

How to Take YK11 Dosage?

The dosage of YK-11 ranges from 5-20 MG per day, which should be ideally 5mg for the newbie.

Sarm YK 11 Dosage

Some bulky bodybuilders use 15-20 MG which is quite way dangerous and potent for the muscle building purposes.

Although men who tried YK-11 at higher doses did not seem to complain about the side effects.

However, it is very dangerous to take it in higher doses.

To stay on the safe side, always start the dosage with the lower dosage and see if it is working in your system.

After which you can adjust the dose as per your will.

How YK-11 Cycle Should Be Performed?

There are two ways to perform YK11 Cycle, one in which you take a relatively lower dose but is significantly potent.

The other is for the professional ones who have already ginormous physique and who can take such cycle dosages.

  1. Yk11 Cycle of 6 weeks involved 5MG of YK-11 Per day, this is for the beginners who are using SARM for the first time or those who haven’t tried YK11 before.
  2. The second Yk11 Cycle is for the experienced bodybuilders; the dosage of the cycle is 10-15MG SARM per day for consecutive 8 weeks.

YK11 Cycle requires PCT, so you should get yourself ready to experience some drop in testosterone.

YK-11 Results

YK11 Results are astonishing, apparently magnificent and remarkably chiseled. This is because YK-11 persistently has stronger anabolic effects that support the enhancement of muscle tissues on a rapid scale.

This can be a SARM of choice for instant mass building.

According to the experts, you can expect to gain 10-15 pounds of lean mass from a single beginner cycle by YK-11 which is about 6 weeks.

sarm results

This would be one of the greatest additions on your body in such a short time span, also you will notice the immense energy amount with extra muscle fibers that give you a ripped appearance.

According to many users of YK-11, using 5MG per day dosage can provide immediate results same as the 8 weeks cycle with a much higher dosage.

YK-11 Results are nothing without a restricted diet plan with an everyday exercise plan.

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You are not going to enhance the protein synthesis just by taking the drug, you need to work it out from inside as well.

How Much is YK-11 Half-Life?

Half-life is the time duration in which the drug in human blood plasma is reduced by 50%.

Greater the half-life, lesser will be the onset of action!

Due to the short half-life, YK-11 is advised to be taken at multiple times of the day. This is to achieve a stable level of the compound which affects the overall results of muscle gain.

Dividing the single dose into 2 would be of best interest for the maximum results. If you are taking 10mg per day dosage, the best way is to take 5mg in the morning and 5mg in the evening.

YK11 Before and After Difference

Let’s say you were skinny and weighed 121-132 pounds, using SARM Yk-11 for a month can add up 10lbs of significant muscle mass which will be appearing on your:

  • Shoulder
  • Chest
  • Legs
  • Abs

With the help of better diet and training program, gaining a bulkier body would never be so difficult.

Your workload will become increasing and the power in your muscles will be remarkably enhanced.

YK11 Side Effects Summary

YK11 is only dangerous when it is taken in higher dosage, surprisingly there are no toxic effects in the liver observed with even Yk-11 high dosages.

Yk 11 sarm effects and dosage

As you increase the doses you will notice the occurrence of the side effects will also happen.

In most cases, testosterone suppression and aggression are two common side effects that you will get by YK-11. This is why Post Cycle Therapy is mandatory after performing a whole YK11 Cycle.

YK-11 in many cases exhibits anabolic effects which give you the hint of “Roid Rage” kind of side effect.

There is still not a sufficient amount of proves that elucidate the harmlessness of YK-11 on liver cells.

However, high blood pressure is commonly observed in men who are above 30 who have already a history of cardiovascular condition.

IN this mode, adjusting the dosage is not to be told, but completely stopping the intake is the only option that will keep you safe and alive.

SARMs are research chemicals and there are not so many data available about the human trials, so trusting this drug will not be a sane thing to do.

YK11 Reviews By The Users

SARM YK-11 reviews are not so bad which leads us to the fact that this chemical can actually work.

sarms for sale

A lot of users have noticed 2% of fat obliteration from their system with significant enhancement in their chest, biceps, quads and calf size.

In some cases, users are experiencing joint pain, but their strength level has reached the maximum.

There is a price to have to pay if you are building huge muscle mass with SARM, you have to neglect the unpredictable outcomes and embrace them which is quite a hard thing to swallow.

If not so, you can always go back to the safer alternatives.

Where to Buy YK11 Sarms Online?

There are not so many legitimate sources who provide SARMs like YK-11.

The only place to purchase these SARMs online are Infinity Labs but you can also visit the site of Crazy Bulk where they are offering different qualities of legal steroids.

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What Are Legal Steroids?

Sarms YK11 vs Trenbolone Steroids

Legal Steroids are the splendid compilation of some potent and effective ingredients which are used to build muscle mass and strength level.

In our opinion, choosing legal steroids over SARM is much safer, although they are not rapidly working as YK-11 but hey, everything’s better when you are choosing a legal and safer alternative about which there are thousands of evidence available.

Final Verdict – Is SARM YK-11 Good For You?

At many places, YK-11 is compared with Trenbolone, the fastest acting anabolic steroid which provides huge bulky mass with Hercules like strength.

There are boundaries with the use of YK-11, for example, you have to complete the whole PCT in order to get back the normal testosterone level.

Then comes the inclusion of other SARM with its use, which is absolutely and utterly dangerous for those builders who haven’t tried anything like it.

Legal steroids that work like bodybuilding steroids in our thoughts are the best option to go with.

If you are looking for results like YK-11, then you are definitely going to like the bodybuilding supplement we mentioned about in the section below.

About Trenorol

Trenorol is a powerful muscle building supplement by Crazy Bulk, normally called as the legal alternative of Trenbolone.


This supplement actually mimics the effects of anabolic steroids and provide sufficient muscle gain, definite strength, and power with overall muscle charging effects.

In order to know the legality of Trenorol, you must know how it works.

Trenorol contains Beta-Sitosterol, Nettle Leaf Extract, Samento Inner Bark and pepsin which in combination allows cells to retain more nitrogen.

This nitrogen accelerates protein synthesis and fat burning effects.

Thousands of bodybuilders and athletes which also includes the newbies are getting full advantages from Trenorol as it requires no PCT or other forms of alternatives.

And the best part, there are no side effects because no synthetic versions of chemicals are added into this.

YK11 SARM Review

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