Turinabol Reviews – An Anabolic–Androgenic Steroid for Muscle Mass in 2021!


Anabolic steroid like Turinabol may be less intense than other androgenic steroids, but this doesn’t mean it causes no side effects.

The dangers of steroid use are very well spread amongst men and women who are fond of bodybuilding.

That’s a myth if you are thinking the latest modifications in steroids formula makes them side effects free, realistically they are still the same!

Let’s take a look at Turinabol formula and a much closer look at the side effects.

What Is Turinabol?

Turinabol is the chemical mixture of methandienone and clostebol, both are the anabolic and androgenic steroid that promotes muscle mass in the human body.

There was a rumor that after German Olympic, this steroid took a left turn and abused by many athletes as a performance enhancement drug.

The bed-bound patients can lifesaving benefits by Turinabol but not those who tend to use it regularly for intense energy.

In the 1960s the German won the Olympic after their contestants used Turinabol for ultra-high stamina and energy.

The drug is rumored to be undetected by the blood tests which makes it even more concerning.

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Turinabol is not available from a simple place like Walmart of Doctor’s pharmacy, it is manufactured and supplied under the basement at some unknown place which is not suitable for manufacturing.

Men who want the end results quickly are moving into the black market, but Turinabol is a hard drug to find.

What is Turinabol Used For?

Anabolic steroids are designed to increase muscle mass generation under every circumstance.

In addition, they exert other effects which are slightly different from the original one.

Turinabol steroids Results
Turinabol Results

When it comes to Turinabol it is mainly used for 2 prime effects

  1. Performance enhancement for high endurance level
  2. Lean muscle mass retention with fat reduction

Due to its cutting effects, Turinabol has allured world-class athletes who used Turinabol for years and ended up getting nasty side effects.

Dianabol Vs Turinabol

Dianabol is the kind of all steroids, which is derived from the formula of testosterone.

Dianabol has concentrated Methandrostenolone which after saturation you can get Turinabol from. 

The purity of Dianabol formula makes it even more dangerous than the rest of steroids available for which Turinabol considered safer.

Dianabol reaches to the extreme point where users sometimes had to quit the drug.

This is not the case with Turinabol, once it developed in your system, it gives the immediate results but that doesn’t mean you should use it for months.

Is Turinabol Safe For Me?

Turinabol was designed to minimize the side effects of Dianabol, which they did spectacularly.

But clearly, they didn’t see the other risks coming from another angle.

There is no safe dosage available of Turinabol that can suffix this drug as safe for bodybuilding.

5 Turinabol Side Effects You Should Know

Side Effects of Turinabol (Tbol)

Here are the side effects caused by Turinabol which may help you change up your mind and switch to the legal versions.

  • Severe Liver Damage

Turinabol is metabolized in the liver, where it starts the events of side effects. The increase in the liver enzyme is so much that it harms the liver functions, this is caused by the daily dosage of Turinabol which elevate certain enzyme in the liver leading to conditions like jaundice, hepatitis, tumor, and hepatocellular adenomas.

Unlike kidneys, there is only 1 liver present in the human body which must be not compromised. Once it is, you are going to see experience in several ugly situations.

  • Cardiovascular Risks (Heart Failure)

Anabolic steroids like Turinabol are pure androgens which increase the cholesterol level in your blood. When this level is rising the blood arteries will be choked with a high-fat content that restricts the blood flow to the heart.

As a result, chances of heart attack and heart failure rises which puts you to another situation. Our body’s natural tendency to recycle the bad cholesterol gets totally compromised by Turinabol use, which poses terrible turns of events in the entire body. The functions of your heart will be greatly affected as it will not be pumping blood with the same intensity.

What’s the use of steroid that slows down your heart?

  • Lethargy, Obesity with Loss of Libido

According to plenty of studies, Turinabol limits the production of testosterone in the human body which is totally against what it does. When the level of testosterone drops your body will become overtired with no interest in sex.

Testosterone supports the muscle growth and various functions in men, the problem with Turinabol that it suppresses the natural production of testosterone in men, after which they have to go through the following situations.

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Weight Gain
  • Loss of Libido
  • Testicular Shrinkage
  • Man-boobs

The post cycle therapy plan is essential after Turinabol use because once it is developed in your system, it would be really hard to clear it out.

  • Baldness & Hair Growth on Back

Turinabol or T-bol increase the level of DHT, which poses risks to the hair follicles. The damaging effects of DHT result in male pattern baldness which affects men of every age group. Even if you have no history of baldness you are most likely to lose head hair.

While the hair fall occurs, there is also a chance of hirsutism (excessive hair growth) on the back and neck region. This especially occurs in women where their cleavage is surrounded with hair and it looks hideous.

This hair fall will be permanent upon long term use of Turinabol.

  • Acne Formation with Oily Skin

Your face is deeply affected by Turinabol in several ways. The formula of Turinabol clutches the hormonal imbalances that it promotes the oil secretion on the skin due to which acne formation occurs. Not just any other acne but they are the big ones with puss sometimes. Your body skin will also produce acne at many locations which will make it harder for you to take off the shirt.

T-Bol increases the sebaceous gland secretion which takes away the charm of your face and gets you an ugly look.

Anabolic Steroids Related Deaths

The anabolic effects of these steroids are not always well tolerated by the individual.

In many cases, it was observed that bodybuilders died in the middle of their session due to heart collapse and other reasons caused by the excessive use of steroids.

Here is the list of some well-known athletes and bodybuilders you may know from the past.

  • Luke et al died due to collapse during a bench press workout in 1990. He had taken AAS for several months previously.
  • Kennedy died in 1993 by Cardiac Arrest during the training session, the urine test depicted Oxymesterone toxicity.
  • Ferenchick died due to a steroid overdose in 1991
  • Rich Piana died after 30 years of Steroid use

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How to Build Muscles Without Side Effects?

In order to become jacked and a true bodybuilder, you must rely on the exercise first.

After this comes the muscle building supplements which are available in wide range these days. There is no need for using Turinabol or other forms of AAS which destroys you from within.

The safe alternatives of the steroids mainly comprise of natural ingredients which are picked from the herbal source.

These natural ingredients can support the growth of muscle tissues, energy retention and even shred fats, but only if they are used in an ideal combination.

Safe Ingredients for Muscle Building That Works!

  • Tribulus Terrestris for Testosterone Boost

Tribulus Terrestris is the natural herb which has a chemical constituent that promotes the production of free testosterone. This herb was used for centuries to increase masculine power and sexual energy which comes from the high T-Level. In bodybuilding, Tribulus provides essential benefits like high energy level and enhanced physical concentration.

  • Amino Acid Concentrated for Protein Synthesis

This includes D-Aspartic Acid, leucine, isoleucine and other BCCA’s which helps muscle growth. BCCA makes about 75% of the muscle mass by stimulating the protein synthesis, this mechanism is done by the release of alanine in the muscles during a workout which then doubles its size with a prolonged training session.

Looking for a Perfect Combination?

There is a supplement manufacturer called Crazy Bulk which is known to create the legal versions of anabolic steroids, they have a long list of legal steroids available in their stores.

Their finest creation includes D-Bal which is the answer to the Dianabol and Turinabol side effects.

The supplement has been in the market to years and their latest modification in the formula makes it even more effective and much safer.

What Is D-Bal?

D-Bal is a 100% natural supplement for muscle building and ultimate strength level.

It is designed for men who do not want to use the steroids, but they rather stick with the natural alternatives.

Dianabol Alternative
legal Steroids

Unlike the steroids, D-Bal does not need a whole cycle to be done neither any complicated precautionary measures which you need to take with steroids.

Here is what you will find about D-Bal which are good:

  • It doesn’t require a prescription
  • No needles
  • Enhanced Nitrogen Retention
  • Rapid muscle growth
  • 0 Side effects
Turinabol Review


Turinabol is the chemical mixture of methandienone and clostebol, both are the anabolic and androgenic steroid that promotes muscle mass in the human body.

ChemSpider ID: 88972
Formula: C20H27ClO2
Elimination half-life: 16 hours
Metabolism: Liver
ChemSpider: 88972
PubChem CID: 98521

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