List of Top 7 Exercises Which Trainers Do in 2021!

Exercises Top Trainers Do Every Time
Exercises Top Trainers Do Every Time

Trainers do whatever it takes so you could achieve the fitness goals!

They help people daily about how certain types of exercise is done correctly. Although, trainers around the world have a unique set of workout regimen for their clients, but have you ever thought about their workout regimen?

Fitness trainers know everything about exercise techniques and the one they used for themselves are more beneficial.

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7 Most Effective Exercises

They may be merely compound movements, but they have a severe form of cardio and mobility-focused movements which gets you some great results.

According to a plethora of fitness geeks in the US, adding these little exercise technique is one of the great advantages for their body endurance and stamina.

Below, we have given top 7 exercises that only trainers do while they workout.

1) Burpee

Burpee is the real heart enhance that affects so many muscles of the human body in a single time execution.

It makes your lower body works while you squat down and jump up, it affects the core as you hit the floor, the shoulders are also moving while you are in a plank position.

You can modify the way burpees are done simply by adding some changes, like stepping your legs back rather than jumping.

To make it more intense add light dumbbells.

2) Side Lunges

Side Lunges are some trainers’ favorite exercise which they usually perform before starting cardio moves like cycling or jogging.

During the side lunging, the pressure exerted on your thighs and glutes in which you could also add some weight to increase the intensity and for better endurance.

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3) Banded Glute Bridge

Once your glutes are stronger, you can save your lower back from getting injured while exercising.

Glute Bridges with bands is great which mainly targets the glute medius, there are three kinds of glutes found which are gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and the gluteus minimus.

By improving the flexibility of glute medius it helps to maintain the body shape and pattern while you are walking or running.

4) Crouching Tiger Push-Ups

According to the Kira Stokes, celebrity trainer, and creator or Stoked Method, Crouching tiger push-ups improve the body strength and hip mobility.

The down dog and forward movement help the stability of the spine. This exercise is very much used to maintain the spine curvature and bodyweight.

5) Squat

Squat is a preliminary type of exercise which provides you sort of a warm-up for a run.

Bottom-up squats are best for warming up leg muscles or you can have a barbell on back or Kettlebell in hand.

Squats are essential for quads, legs, glute, and hamstring, it allows your body core to maintain itself at the time of intense energy expenditure and improve awareness.

Squat can also be a relaxation exercise, take the baby squat, which is done to relax our body naturally.

Many certified Yoga instructors and professional trainers or strength coach, encourage to perform squad once in their workout.

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6) Jumping Rope

Exercises for strength in your list should always have a jumping rope.

You ever saw Chris Hemsworth pulling and jumping ropes in his strength days?

Well, it increases the heart rate between the reps and keeps the balance between your knees, elbow and body core.

Strength is continuity of performing any exercise for a longer amount of time, this exercise helps you achieve the same objectives.

7) Hip Thrust

Most men and women who are in the fitness field usually put a large sum of time doing leg exercises.

Since glutes and legs are the weak muscle group which needs to be strengthened, the hip thrust is easy to do exercise that can be done anywhere using only your body weight.

If you want to attain stronger legs, glutes that have maximum stamina and endurance for performance, you have options with hip thrust like adding dumbbells or barbells.

Here is how you do hip thrust correctly:

  • Sit on the floor in front of the bench, bend the knees and place your feet on the ground with your hip-distance apart. Rest the upper back on the edge of the bench; now hold a dumbbell with a moderate amount of weight at the fold in your hips while resting the weight on your body. This movement can be done without dumbbells if you are already heavy enough.
  • Drive-up through your heels and lift your hips towards the ceiling while resting the upper back.
  • Pause for a little while and squeeze the glutes at the top.
  • Slowly and controllably, lower your butt to the ground

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Final Words

The top 7 exercises that trainers do are the ones that you can do at home as well.

All you need is a yoga mat, 2 dumbbells and a bench which is available in almost every home in here.

The last thing you need is getting exhausted too early, drink water as much as you can and live on green vegetables and fruits with a moderate amount of meat intake.

My name is Dan Haege and I am 6 feet 6 inches tall. I have earned my Bachelor's of Applied Science Degree in Health Education, community emphasis with a focus on strength and conditioning from the University of Minnesota-Duluth.

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