SR9009 Stenabolic Sarm Reviews – Best for Muscle Gains in 2021!

Stenabolic SR 9009

SR9009 is not a SARM, it rather manages other things in the human body such as Circadian Rhythm. In order to understand the mechanism of Stenabolic.

Stenabolic SR 9009

The science behind SR9009 a.k.a Stenabolic is tricky, but it’s not very difficult to understand.

SR9009 is not a SARM, it rather manages other things in the human body such as Circadian Rhythm. In order to understand the mechanism of Stenabolic you must know what Circadian Rhythm is.

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What Is Circadian Rhythm?

Circadian Rhythm is a natural body process that regulates various things such as sleep cycle, the release of certain hormones and enzymes.

This rhythm changes every 24 hours and it displays synchronicity with the dusk and dawn.

The series of different patterns such as like of Circadian Rhythm also need to switch some genes on and off in order to remain sustained.

Some genes are activated in the absence of certain genes which is balanced by this Rhythm in the most efficient way.

What Is SR9009?

SR9009 was designed to agonize or support Rev-ErbA.


The Rev-Erba proteins are members of the nuclear receptor family of intracellular transcription factors that have various functions in the human body above which maintenance of Circadian rhythm is included.

SR9009 Stenabolic in animal studies shows remarkable improvements in reducing inflammation, weight gain, and blood cholesterol level while improving muscle tone, endurance level, and overall physical stamina.

The human studies on SR9009 haven’t been found many in number, but it is led to believe that Stenabolic turns on the stamina part of your system which allows you to stay focused and physically agile.

SR9009 again is a Rev-ErbA Agonist, which is known to increase the deliverance of a special kind of nutrients to your body.

Latest Research on SR9009 on Humans

In human, SR9009 seems to deactivate the BMAL1 (Aryl hydrocarbon receptor nuclear translocator-like protein) to achieve the restoration period.

Since a decade, human studies on Stenabolic elucidated the following results which show that it can be used for bodybuilding purposes.

There is no information available about for how long does this compound works in the human body and what are the side effects to be exact.

Science Question – How SR9009 Stenabolic Works?

SR9009 affects the release of Rev-ErbA which improves the Circadian Rhythm which then improves sleep cycle and overall physical changes.

This Rev-ErbA has shown the effects of increasing energy generation and fat loss at the same time.

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Stenabolic Sr9009 results

The main origins for Rev-ErbA are muscle, liver and fat tissues.

Studies have shown that SR9009 after a month of continuous use can:

  • Increase oxygen consumption by muscle cells
  • Inhibit the production of new fat cells in the liver
  • Allows less fat to be stored in the muscles
  • Allows muscles to use a high amount of glucose and fatty acid
  • Product on of cholesterol and an excessive amount of bile acid is greatly reduced
  • Increase mitochondrial energy in the muscles

SR9009 Benefits

Stenabolic can offer you various forms of benefits if you are daring and carefree to try it out.

For maximum results, taking SR9009 in the optimum dose for 1.5 months is a prerequisite.

  • SR9009 Can Help You Lose Weight

In a study done on mice, the 7 days’ intake of SR9009 showed the reduction of free fat cells, insulin, cholesterol, and triglycerides. This effect was observed in a group of mice that were diet-induced obese, whereas, in the genetically obese subjects, it stopped them from weight gain in just 12 days where their glucose and insulin level weren’t affected at all.

  • Increased Endurance

The exact mechanism behind this benefit is the excessive generation of mitochondrial energy in muscle cells that affects your physical endurance and weight lifting skills.

  • Reduces Inflammation

In studies, SR9009 reduced the level of TNF-alpha which induce inflammation. Inhibition of this factor reduces the inflammation of the lungs and nerve cells. From the eyes of bodybuilders, this can be beneficial for muscle fatigue and lack of motivation at the gym.

  • SR9009 Reduce Blood Cholesterol

A week of SR9009 intake in mice was led to reducing the level of cholesterol and triglycerides. In the mice study, the level of LDL was reduced without any HDL lowering effects. HDL is good cholesterol that doesn’t cause fat accumulation, unlike LDL.

  • Effective for Anxiety

In mice, Stenabolic showed effects like anxiety reduction within the very few days. The effect is similar to the antidepressant-like Benzodiazepine which is the drug of choice for anxiety and manic disorder.

  • Reduce Chances for Atherosclerosis

It is the condition where your arteries are chocked with an extra amount of fat cells, which mostly occurs in obese individuals. The rats, which had choked arteries were given SR9009 for a week and they have shown a remarkable reduction of lesions in blood vessels.

  • SR9009 Improves Alertness

SR9009 by improving Circadian Rhythm increases the sleep quality and level up the energy build for after you wake up. The activation of Rev-ErbA induces the sleeplessness, esp for those individuals who like to be awake at night for various purposes other than bodybuilding.

  • Inhibition of Fibrosis

In the study, mice who had damaged liver cells reacted to the SR9009 treatment in only weeks. Fast tissue recovery is one of the main effect/benefits of Stenabolic.

  • Overcome Heart-Related Diseases

SR9009 improve the heart contraction, within 28 days of the time period the subjected mice who took SR9009 shows better heart functions than the normal ones.

SR9009 Dosage

There have been rumors about SR9009 dosage, according to some bodybuilders who were on anabolic steroids course, like Trenbolone or Anavar mixed it up with Stenabolic for pronounced results.

sr9009 dosage

SR9009 can be stacked with other steroids without the manifestation of the side effects.

Also, you don’t need Post Cycle Therapy after SR9009, but remember to have some weeks off after doing 8 weeks’ cycle.

If you are using SR9009 alone, more than 20-30 mg is suitable dosage, however, to stay in the safe side users are advised to take a start from 10 mg per day.

Upon higher dose, Stenabolic shows no marks of liver toxicity.

The SR9009 has a very short half-life, means it consumes right after the 4 hours of the time period to which dividing the dosage form is applicable.

If you are taking 20 mg per day, administering 5 mg every 4 hours would make a complete and effective cycle.

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Hectic Hun? So does the process of bodybuilding!

SR9009 Results

Stenabolic is used now by bodybuilders for significant fat loss as well as to preserve the lean mass.

There are some remarkable fat burners that in comparison with SR9009 are really slow acting or with less intense action.

Customer reviews about SR9009 are incredible.

Most of the users who are using Stenabolic are professional bodybuilders who take no chance of skipping a day at the gym.

Indeed, these hardcore bodybuilding compounds must not be taken without regular exercise.

Great recovery time, enhanced endurance level and re-ignited sexual life are some benefits experienced by the SR9009 first-time users.

SR9009 is used for either bulking or cutting purposes, note if you are on bulking cycle not forgetting to incorporate the protein-rich diet.

Where to Buy SR9009?

Infinity Labs, according to many real-time users is the legit source to purchase SARMs and products related to SARMs.

There are no places like the black market that shall be trusted when it comes to buying the compound with the aggressive mechanism.

Stenabolic Vs Trenorol (Legal Steroids) – Which One Is Effective?

You can count on 4 hours’ onset of Stenabolic which should be used in every 4 hours, or you can use the legal steroids.

SR9009 stenabolic sarms vs Trenbolone steroids

Legal steroids as we know are the fastest growing muscle building or fat burning supplements that are made from the natural ingredients (plant-based).

There is no doubt on what legal steroids can do, however, they need users to be on regular workout and a strict diet for over 2 months course.

Although there are not many pieces of evidence found on SR9009 side effects, as a research chemical no one is going to dictate its adverse reactions unless they are fully understood.


About Trenorol

When you want to lose fat while preserving the lean mass, you need something that only targets the extracellular fats located in your abdomen, buttocks and around the thighs.

Using steroids, or SARM’s for such objectives may be unpredictably dangerous as it can deliver a vast number of adverse effects.

Trenorol provides a natural approach and is made by a well-known name in the supplement industry.

Learn more about Trenorol from here.

Final Verdict

Stenabolic is available by the brand name SR9009 at Infinity Labs website which has got the highest customer satisfaction rate.

Buy Trenorol

In order to lose fats and gain better endurance, SR9009 is the supplement for you. But there are more things you should learn about this particular compound first.

It’s a research chemical which has no background of safety in clinical trials in humans.

Choosing legal steroids Vs using SR9009 is a comparatively much better, safer and easier option but everyone has got their own priorities.

Some users found Stenabolic effective while there are bodybuilders who have been using Legal Steroids for years and so far have built a gigantic physique that comes naturally.

SR9009 Stenabolic Reviews

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