S-23 Sarm Review – A Potential Male Hormonal Contraceptive in 2021!

S23 Venom

S-23 is only the kind of SARM that with anabolic effect decrease the size of the prostate which is surprisingly good to hear.

S23 Venom

SARMs are investigational chemicals that have a sole purpose to bind with the selective androgen receptors.

There is no limit how far this binding process can go, but it sure won’t go and reach to the other receptors due to its affinity with only one.

S-23 has very less information available online, but after going through a pile of data, we could gather some important points about S23 mechanism, side effects, dosage, cycle and of course in case if you want the safer replacement for SARMs.

What is S-23?

Unlike other SARM S23 exhibits the anabolic properties instead of the androgenic effects.

S-23 is only the kind of SARM that with anabolic effect decrease the size of the prostate which is surprisingly good to hear.

Like many anabolic steroids tend to enlarge its size, which is formed of prostate cancer or disorder.

S-23 is a research chemical that has been manufactured by GTX Pharmaceuticals, it is listed in their hormonal drug category which poses significant effects on muscles and bones.

GTX Pharmaceutical has been researching on various SARM’s and so far they have converted some of them into a brand like Ostarine which is basically MK-2866.

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Let’s study some more facts about S-23 and how does it work.

How S23 Sarm Works?

There aren’t many facts available about how S-23 works, but it is for sure the anabolic effects on muscles have something to do with the protein synthesis.

SARMs like S-23 increase the mass of muscles and bone density, this process is achieved by enhancing the rate of Bone Mineral absorption which encourages the bone’s thickness and strength.

Upon clutching the protein synthesis, the muscle mass in the human body gains massive size and the continuous use can deliver 2-3 times greater effects than normal steroids.

Benefits of S-23 Sarm

s-23 sarm reviews

S-23 is the form of the most potent SARM that has an additional anabolic effect.

Users of S23 may experience the following benefits which to be precise are priceless in the bodybuilding field.

  • S-23 Increase Production of Lean Muscle Mass

S23 users are guaranteed the full results like muscle mass enhancement in the very first week of its use. After finishing the S23 cycle, these users have gained more than 10lbs additional mass with no fatty residues.

  • S-23 Reduce Fat Accumulation

In a study, S-23 has been observed to remove the fat contents from the upper layer of muscle mass in rats. S23 reduce fat production by increasing the process of fat oxidation. Taking higher than normal doses of S-23 can enhance the fat loss process even more and it also has been observed the more fats it burns the lean mass it is closer to production.

  • S-23 Elevates Stamina & Body Strength

During the cycle of S23, you will experience a remarkable level of stamina, agility, and physical performance. With high intensity, you can execute any tougher workout with ease and it will also impact on your exercise duration. SARMs are mainly taken because they increase the workout duration more effectively which helps you lean body with much ease.

The enhancement of stamina and energy in your body can also lead to over-aggressive behavior which is one of its side effects.

  • S-23 Allows No Water Retention

Water retention leads to bloating effects which give your body a flabby appearance. Elimination of water content from the muscles means you are tightening them up to the maximum which contributes to hard shaped body. In bodybuilding, there is no allowance for water retention even if you have to lessen up the water consumption on a daily basis.

  • S-23 Improves Physical Appearance

For building chiseled looks and sculpted muscle mass, S23 is also considered for many cutting purposes as it delivered the harder shaped body. It is advised for the professional bodybuilders who are getting ready for the competition of their lives. Some of them want to maintain the ripped appearance which with S-23 stays longer than usual.

Sarm S-23 Dosage

S23 is a potent compound that gives extensive results throughout its cycle.

The half-life of the compound is 12 hours to which some users think dividing the dosage into 2 forms is the option.

Whereas, you need to be precautions in taking S-23.

The effective dosage of S23 in normal conditions is 20-30 mg but then again, it is based on certain factors like if you are overweight with an extra amount of calories accumulated in your system.

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If you are taking it for bulking purposes, then choosing 10-20 mg OD is the ideal dosage.

The most optimum dosage form S-23 is 10-20 mg because this is where you may not have to experience the unwanted side effects.

Taking the total dosage of S-23 in two divided dosage form can be beneficial if you take it with perpetual regularity.

Sarm S23 Side Effects

s23 sarm dosage and results

Taking S23 for bodybuilding is indescribably beneficial, but again the synthetic chemicals always pose a different level of threats on your system.

When it comes to S23, here are the notorious side effects that users may face.

  • Testosterone Suppression

There is marked suppression of testosterone was observed by many users after trying S23. Some users reviewed S-23 as no different from the steroids, which they have been using for years, in terms of side effects especially.

S-23 decrease the rate of natural testosterone production in men to which they need a proper PCT in a shape of testosterone booster or Testosterone Replacement Therapy which by the way is the expensive cost to pay. After completion of the cycle, this side effect seemed to diminish in many users.

  • Testicular Shrinkage

Like rats in the clinical study, which have shrunken testicles after being exposed to S-23 for weeks. This happens to the men also where they also produce a very less amount of testosterone to fulfill their body’s requirement. Testicular shrinkage is a temporary side effect of S23 which can easily subside after stopping the cycle.

  • Dark Urine

S23 makes your urine darker than normal, this side effect is a temporary one and it is due to muscle dehydration for making them more ripped and in tight shape.

  • Aggression

In steroidal language, this effect is commonly called “Roid Rage”. S23 increase the anger feelings with also testosterone suppression that further exacerbate this effect. Users are ought to be more irritable and annoyed.

This side effect is temporary as well.

Do You Need PCT with S-23 Sarms?

Why does SARM’s require Post Cycle Therapy?

The use of almost every SARM is related to hormonal imbalance which mainly includes Testosterone deficiency in males.

In order to replenish this needs, certain PCT supplements are available which brings down these levels to the normal state.

Choosing the right PCT supplement is very important in this situation as many users somehow chose the wrong product and ended up damaging their endocrine functions.

Also, there is no guarantee if your severely damaged hormones can be replaced with the newer ones as it totally depends on the level of damage that SARM has done.

Clomid and Novaldex are two primary options which guarantee the fully back hormonal balance.

But not every SARM needs PCT, these are the ones with quite temporary side effects.

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S-23 Sarm Vs Legal Steroids

Using anabolic steroids, SARMs and Prohormones are becoming the older trend in bodybuilding.

sarm s-23 vs steroids

The main reason is the occurrence of nasty side effects that harms your system in multiple ways which make you completely forget about having a well-shaped body.

Some users immediately quit the intake of SARMs after they experienced marked testosterone suppression with shrunken testes.

This can all go away if you would have chosen the right kind of supplement.

Legal steroids are the alternatives to SARMs and Prohormones which provides an extensive approach in achieving fitness goals.

We have seen these legal steroids working on pro bodybuilders and athletes by their reviews.

Suitable with the option today, legal steroids by the name Testo-Max is the one which helps men get their testosterone level at the top!

Buy Testo Max

Good things about Testo-Max are:

  • It is legal
  • It is natural
  • It mimics the anabolic effects
  • Clinically tested
  • Legal alternative for steroids requires no prescription


Every fact available about S-23 is based on anecdotal experiences which hardly involved clinical trials on humans.

It is true and possible that S-23 can increase the size of your muscles and obliterate the fat, remarkably, but then again, avoiding the side effects during S-23 cycle can result in various forms of medical illness which can also affect your sexual health.

Challenged sexual health for men is a very crucial thing to handle, especially when they are busy in getting on the fitness zenith.

SARMs like S-23, Andarine or Ostarine show you the glance of perfect results at first, but it will cost you de-air your testicles with marked symptoms of aggression.

Choosing natural alternatives are rather safer, much effective and affordable.

If you wish to buy SARMs, visit Infinity Labs and check the staggering price they are selling S-23 for.

S-23 Review

S-23 Drug

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