Ripped Muscle X Reviews – Build Lean Muscle and Increase Strength in 2021!

Ripped Muscle X
Ripped Muscle X

The wish for having ripped muscles is something every man is making these days.

The secret for achieving ripped muscle and body lies in losing extra fats while conserving the lean mass.

Ripped Muscle X is the new supplement for extra strength so that you burn extra fat and eventually get the ripped physique.

Ripped Muscle X – An Overview

Ripped Muscle X is designed for the bodybuilders who want to retain the protein mass in their body while obliterating a large sum of fats.

For this, the company added an energy boosting formula that improves your physical performance in every sport.

For a dietary supplement Ripped Muscle X has failed to flourish at the top because of the variety of ingredients.

This seems alright to us as most the ingredients are natural which we refer to the users around the world.

Anyways, Ripped Muscle X also improves sex drive in men which helps them improve overall life aspects.

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What Is Ripped Muscle X Designed For?

Many supplements tend to involve muscle building or cutting ingredients which mainly works on behalf of either muscle catabolism or anabolism.

With Ripped Muscle X, such varieties cannot be seen as it is mainly designed to increase the pumping intensity, in short, overall body strength to lift weights and execute the workout efficiently.

The supplement also claims to do it faster, way faster than some supplement due to its metabolism boosting ability that tends to reduce fat on the muscles.

What Ripped Muscle X Has?

Ripped Muscle X Ingredients

Ripped Muscle X ingredients are mostly herbal, well the inclusion of Acai berry in the bodybuilding supplement seems quite new but does it really work?

I think we should study the ingredients first with their mode of action.

Usually, the cutting supplements tend to improve the blood supply by which the oxygen flows through their muscles which is somehow beneficial.

  • L-Arginine& L-Citrulline

Both of these amino acids are responsible for greater stamina and strength provided for each cell of the body. They also increase the blood supply to the muscles as a result, they become more pumped and eventually ripped.

Some of the incredible benefits of their combination are the achievement of ultra-grade stamina that allows you to do the bench press more than usual.

  • Creatine Citrate

In the strength training, Creatine is the alibi for most of the bodybuilders due to its fast action. This ingredient improves the ATP generation which affects the size of the muscles. Depending on the dose available in each capsule, the results of Creatine vary.

  • Acai Berry Extract

Acai berry has lots of benefits in Ripped Muscle X, it improves the process of digestion which helps the body to not retain extra fats and pass out most of it. It also exhibits the anti-oxidants effects that strengthen the immune system as well as keep your training motivation.

  • Beta Alanine

Beta-alanine is belonging to the class of amino acid that are the building blocks of the protein. Beta-alanine is available to avoid the muscle fatigue issue which in cutting exercises is more common.

  • Green Tea Extract

As you workout with more vigor, you allow the generation of free radicals in your system that induces the oxidative stress that is not good for the muscles. Green tea make sure you don’t get such kind of issues during the workout, plus it keeps you mentally agile and focused.

Green tea also renowned for weight loss as it specifically targets the abdominal and the fats in the trunk.

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How Ripped Muscle X Works?

Much of the facts are not given about how exactly Ripped Muscle X works, but as we see the mechanism of the ingredients we can suggest there are three main outcomes of this supplement intake.

First of all, it improves the blood circulation around the muscle tissues which are good for expansion purposes.

Then comes the strength boosting part where the majority of the ingredients are available for.

It is the power-boosting effect of Ripped Muscle X that actually causes the cutting effects.

Removing these ingredients will also remove the fat burning effects.

There are not so much weight loss ingredients and those which are present are available on a very minute level.

Ripped Muscle X Side Effects

The problem with the Ripped Muscle X that it doesn’t has any official site from where we could see the essential information about the product.

For now, we know that these ingredients are not available in such a dose that induce side effects.

Ripped Muscle X Results & Customer Reviews

According to the customer reviews about Ripped Muscle X, it’s a pitiful scam that offers 0 positive outcomes.

In many reviews of men who have been using Ripped Muscle for a week are now finally quitting its supplementation.

Some customers are complaining about the failure in delivering the free sample which requires a person to pay the full price.

Men who tried to lose weight and obtain ripped physique are also not happy with their weight loss results.

According to them, it’s a total RIP OFF!


Here are some benefits you may experience after using Ripped Muscle X:

  • Your muscles will be provided an efficient amount of oxygen and blood supply
  • Reduce the recovery time after a workout
  • Its results aim to improve the overall workout plan


  • Unknown company
  • Doesn’t has an official website
  • Customer reviews are very poor
  • Expensive product
  • No clinical evidence available
  • No sign of ripped cuts

Ripped Muscle X Alternative For Ripped Cuts

D-Bal Max is an award-winning bodybuilding supplement that has been awarded the best supplement to get ripped and build muscle.

D-bal Max

D-Bal Max is from the world class supplements manufacturer Crazy Bulk which has over a decade of experience in the bodybuilding industry.

Back in the 1990s, a deadly but very effective muscle building compound known as Dianabol was banned from the market due to the occurrence of deadly side effects.

In remembrance of the legendary effects of Dianabol, D-Bal Max was designed!

But hold on, it is completely a natural supplement with no remarks of side effects at all.

Ripped Muscle X Vs D-Bal Max – Which One Wins?

We have compared the effects, results, customer reviews and benefits of these 2 supplements and the final verdict is what we predicted before.

D-Bal Max is clearly a better choice for better muscle mass without fats that has been endorsed by the experts and pro bodybuilders around the world.

Buy D-bal Max Online

Both supplements do not cause any side effects, but that’s not the challenge, comparing the results between them is the actual reason why you should choose D-Bal over Ripped Muscle X supplement.

Final Verdict

There are more than 40 supplements to build muscle mass and strength in men which are available online.

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Based on many experienced, the Ripped Muscle X although gave high hopes to the customers, but it certainly couldn’t fulfill those promises.

In the category of pre-workout supplements, D-Bal Max still holds the top place that offers you:

  • Protein synthesis
  • Far reduction
  • Strength building
  • Stamina enhancement
  • Intense workout skills

Q1: Is there any side effects associated with Ripped Muscle X?

A: Some people experienced severe mood swings and generation of acne on the face. While others reportedly had sleepless conditions which are perhaps due to the inclusion of green tea extract.

Q2: Are the ingredients in Ripped Muscle X natural?

A: Yes, most ingredients in Ripped Muscle X are natural. However, there is also the addition of some additives, which is our main focus here. The company didn’t give us all the information about the ingredients.

Q3: Does Ripped Muscle X Work?

A: There are no chances of muscle building if that’s what you are expecting from Ripped Muscle X. You can either get an intense amount of energy or short lasting stamina that may or may not reliable for the best workout.

Q4: How much does Ripped Muscle X cost?

A: Each bottle of Ripped Muscle X contains 60 capsules, which is available at a price of $89.99. There is a discount offer where you can purchase 2 bottles and get 2 for free at $139.99.

Q5: Should I be needing to perform workout along with the supplement use?

A: Most precisely! Regular workout and restricted diet plan are the keys to achieve the ripped body goals. Without them, you are only going to get 20% out of these supplements.

Q6: Which alternative to Ripped Muscle X is effective?

A: Mentioned earlier, D-Bal Max is the recent top-class muscle building supplement which can also be used for cutting purposes. The supplements work with increasing energy gain which allows users to lose more fat and retain lean muscle mass.

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