Ostarine MK 2866 Sarms Review – Best for Bodybuilding Goals in 2021!

Ostarine MK 2866

Ostarine a.k.a MK 2866 has 2 major advantages which cover the overall aspects of bodybuilding.

Ostarine MK 2866

Ostarine is manufactured by GTx Pharmaceutical and it goes by the name Enobosarm, the company holds a reputable name in the market.

The patent for Ostarine is MK 2866 which is given to nearly every SARMs according to the chemical structure and mode of action. 

SARMs are becoming a powerful and demanding supplement for bodybuilders in order to achieve their world-class bodybuilding goals.

In a class of SARMs, Ostarine is a mildly effective and majorly safer compound that has been subjected to many human trials and found out to be effective.

Unlike the anabolic steroids such as methandrostenolone and Sustanon, Ostarine is free from side effects, according to the manufacturer and it’s been used by men who are the victim of muscle wasting disease.

You can say Ostarine holds the power to retain protein mass in the human body and that’s what makes it just ideal for bodybuilding.

In this article, we are going to discuss the major benefits you can achieve by using Ostarine, a great SARMs of all time and how it is can be the best alternative to anabolic steroids in near future.

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Ostarine Benefits for Bodybuilders

One of the great things about an Ostarine formula that it can be either used by cutting, bulking or strength gain purposes which are 3 different categories of the bodybuilding.

ostarine results

One that requires burning an extra amount of calories while preserving lean muscle mass, the other strictly works on the elevating protein metabolism and increase the bulk of the body.

Ostarine seems to master in every cycle, whether it’s about reducing fat or gaining mass.

Ostarine a.k.a MK 2866 has 2 major advantages which cover the overall aspects of bodybuilding.

1) Muscle Gain

As we spoke, Ostarine is being used for severe muscle wasting condition which makes it perfect for building muscle mass.

It is entirely false that you can only use Enobosarm for cutting purposes and this fact should be rectified.

There are plenty of SARMs which does the same function, but not all of them are referred to as safe.

The fact that Ostarine works like the original Dianabol and pose no side effects to human health is enough to let it sink in that it is the best alternative to steroids or Prohormones.

2) Fat Loss

MK-2866 holds the ability to burn fat in the human body and this has been depicted in many clinical kinds of literature.

Due to the generation of an extreme amount of energy, it is usually easier for men to lose weight than sticking on dieting.

The strength plays the major role which allows your body to work out harder than normal, which in turn delivers the fat burning benefits.

Due to this ability, we can say Ostarine can be used for fast and effective weight loss.

How Ostarine Works?

SARMs are Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators which strongly binds to the androgen receptors.

sarms MK 2866 results

The purpose of these receptors is many, including generation of muscle mass, production of testosterone, the elevated blood supply to the penile region, which leads to an erection before sex and etc.

Ostarine specifically bind with the receptor that looks after the muscle building scenario without hindering or interfering other pathways going around the body.

This makes it no dangerous and strictly used for bodybuilding purposes only.

Steroid users at the start feel heightened libido which after weeks can turn into some sexual disorder in which testicular shrinkage and erectile dysfunction are prominent.

Ostarine Dosage – How to Take Ostarine?

Ostarine is available as Ostamuscle or MK 2866, the best dosage of Ostarine however, is 20-30mg per day.

Ostarine dosage varies depending on the cycle you are executing, for example, the cutting cycle requires a minimum dose which is 15-20 mg while bulking demands the 30 mg of dosage.

Ostamuscle, one of the leading brand of Ostarine according to many consumers doesn’t work if taken in small doses.

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Other SARMs such as YK11 however, can cause a massive upsurge of protein in your body with only 5 mg of dose.

After many studies, the dosage for Ostarine is recommended 20-30 mg which puts the majority of men’s body in an ideal state.

How to Perform Ostarine Cycle?

Ostarine Cycle duration is of:

The ideal way to perform Ostarine cycle is by analysis of your bodybuilding goals.

After which you can choose between the options for Ostarine cycle, which is classified according to the expertise of the users.

  • 8 Weeks
  • 10 Weeks
  • 12 Weeks
  • For the beginners and new in the bodybuilding field, the very first cycle can last for 8 weeks with 10mg of Ostarine per day.
  • For moderate gym experts and whose bodies are still in the development phase, 20mg of Ostarine for 10 weeks has been the ideal cycle duration.
  • Then comes the experts who demand more dosage for the prolonged time period. In this situation, they take 30mg Ostarine for 12 weeks.


Ostarine Before and After Results

Ostarine is like a dream come true to most of the users who followed its cycle perfectly.


The SARMs are stronger compounds that can also be stacked like the anabolic steroids, other SARMs such as Andarine and Cardarine can be stacked with Ostarine but we prefer not to take this much of SARM’s as it may aggravate the unpleasant symptoms.

  • In Bulking, Ostarine increases about 30% of your body mass and gives you loads of strength that you will find while performing tougher tasks.
  • Individuals with a desire for cutting shaped body will have their physique ripped, less bloated and more powerful and that within 2 weeks of the time period.

The proper cycle for Ostarine requires a healthy diet plan and a regular workout schedule.

Many people seem to neglect the diet and they expect so much from the SARMs that they end up taking multiple drugs which is similar to harming your own self.

Ostarine Side Effects

Keep in mind, if you are performing Ostarine cycle with mild to moderate dosage, then it’s very unlikely to experience any form of side effects.

In clinical trials, There are common side effects caused by Ostarine use, which are

  1. Headache
  2. Back pain

It is very common to notice these side effects, especially in the individual who are using Ostarine in 30mg strength for more than 3 months.

Another thing about Ostarine, it does not cause Gynecomastia in men like many popular SARM’s.

Ostarine PCT – Is It Required?

Post cycle therapy with Ostarine is only required when the users are experiencing low testosterone level.

This symptom can be observed after using Ostamuscle which temporarily suppresses the natural production of testosterone which is not completely serious.

In many causes, Ostarine cycle doesn’t require PCT unless you feel like having it. For Ostarine PCT, following drugs can be used.

  1. Nolvadex
  2. Clomid

Or the use of testosterone boosters with Nettle Root or Tribulus Terrestris can do the trick.

For this, you can either buy those available online i.e. Testo Max.

Where to Purchase Ostarine Online?

Not every webpage deals with the SARMs and its different form. there are a limited number of sources who are supplying legit and quality Ostarine which user should always double check before buying.

Buy Testo Max Online

Purchasing Ostarine online from an unknown source can put your health in jeopardy so choose it with caution.

In our opinion, the best place to buy Ostarine is Infinity Labs.

Comparing Ostarine – SARMs Vs Legal Steroids

You can find hundreds of discussions on health forums, whether you should use SARMs like Ostarine or switch to the legal steroids.

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MK2866 Ostarine sarms vs Testo max steroids

For those who may not know, legal steroids are the completely natural supplements for muscle building.

They contain the herbal extracts that give your body testosterone boost, protein synthesis stimulation, and remarkable fat loss.

Legal steroids can be found in many forms, Trenorol which is notoriously going by the tag name “Legal Alternative of Trenbolone” does the same thing as Ostarine but here are few differences you should keep in mind.

  • They act slower than SARM’s
  • They are available without prescription
  • No side effects at all
  • Contain steroids mimicking ingredients
  • Relatively cheaper than SARM’s
  • Got a 98% customer satisfaction rate


Without a doubt, Ostarine or MK 2866 is an effective tool for bodybuilding which bestows you with bigger arms and shoulders.

Also, Ostarine is considerably less harmful than most of SARMs that you see everyday. 

ostarine is an investigational selective androgen receptor modulator which in opinions of some bodybuilders is a magic pill.

But like every other androgen compound, it has serious side effects that cannot be ignored.

Legal steroids, on the other hand, are completely side effects free and they can be found in different VARIETIES.

Ostarine MK 2866 Review


Formula: C19H14F3N3O3
Molar mass: 389.33 g/mol
Elimination half-life: 24 hours
Melting point: 132 to 136 °C (270 to 277 °F)
Synonyms: GTx-024; MK-2866; Ostarine; S-22
ChemSpider ID: 9501667

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