Muscle Building

So, are you looking to build muscle and are you trying to get big and stuck like the Amazing Hulk?

The rise of bodybuilding makes comic book heroes feel a lot like that skinny boy who got a sand kick in the face … Here’s a hero, whom some consider a phenomenon of nature, who took it seriously. See how he trains … and eats!

Hulk is definitely the heaviest and biggest superhero in the world. Although Thor measures 6’6 and weighs over 600 pounds, then it would be the closest!

Let’s talk about Hulk’s powers and how we will use them to do this routine.

If you are interested in getting big like Hulk, you will have to eat like Hulk. When it comes to growing up, the “eat big” part accounts for at least 80% of one’s success or failure.

This may be new to you, but muscle is not built in the gym. Muscle is built in the kitchen and bed (while sleeping, perv!). You go to the gym to break your muscles, then eat enough and sleep to rebuild your bigger and stronger muscles than before.

To build muscle and size, you must consume more calories than you burn every day.

Here are some good sources of calories, whether carbohydrate or fat, to ensure you get enough from your system:

  • whole milk
  • eggs
  • almonds and almond butter
  • walnuts
  • yams
  • olive oil
  • potatoes
  • oats
  • brown rice

If you are a paleo fan, your excess calories should come from nuts, eggs, olive oil, yams and whole milk (if you also consume dairy).

While some try to be thinner and more fit, there are some who have already built a good physique and now want to become a Hulk.

These are some of the supplements that can help you become a hulk.