Laxogenin – Powerful Anabolic Steroids for Muscle Recovery! [2021]


Today we are going to discuss a plant steroid compound known as Laxogenin which seems to exhibit anabolic effects for the following purposes.


Today we are going to discuss a plant steroid compound known as Laxogenin which seems to exhibit anabolic effects for the following purposes.

  • Enhancing Muscle Mass
  • Boosting Muscle Recovery
  • Increasing Nitrogen Retention
  • Increasing Strength
  • Potent Anabolism

Do you know that the great and powerful anabolic steroids are effective because of their saponin nature?

You can also call it androgenic nature which makes them such potent and fast-acting.

What Is Laxogenin?

There is a plant called Similar Sieboldii which contains a chemical which to be exact is called 5-Alpha-Hydroxy-Laxogenin in biochemistry.


But we are sticking with Laxogenin as it sounds more easy and eloquent.

Laxogenin is available in natural plant extract with more than 5 other chemicals which in combination as known as Brassinosteroids.

Brassinosteroids in the medical world is a plant steroid which contains steroidal saponins, the same constituent that provides the anabolic effects of steroids.

It wouldn’t be wrong if you say Laxogenin is as powerful as Oxandrolone which in the bodybuilding world notoriously called Anavar.

Many experts believe that due to the similarities in chemical structure, Laxogenin shows similar anabolic activity like Anavar.

You will find a high amount of Laxogenin in mustards.

Is Laxogenin a Prohormone?

Laxogenin is not a prohormone because of its no interference with the human endocrine system.

Prohormones are related to Highly androgenic Testosterone, their use completely stops the natural production of testosterone and this is where you are in danger.

Who Is Laxogenin For?

Laxogenin is for men and women who want to build muscle mass with no chances of muscle catabolism (breakdown).

Laxogenin does not affect the testosterone production in males neither it activates those channels which makes it safe and sound for women who are in the bodybuilding field.

How Laxogenin Works?

The proper mechanism of action of Laxogenin is still unknown, which makes it suspicious to some people who are cautious about their supplements.


As a Brassinosteroid, Laxogenin easily becomes ideal for protein synthesis with also a marked reduction in muscle breakdown.

According to some studies, the Brassinosteroid like Laxogenin decreases the level of Cortisol, which is a stress hormone, in this way you get instant muscle recovery effect.

High cortisol level inhibits muscle growth and decreases the chance of instant muscle recovery while you work out.

Laxogenin Supplement Benefits

  • Supports Protein Supplements

Using protein supplements like Whey Protein or BCCA’s is common, but if you’re thinking to combine them with Laxogenin chances are you are not gonna be disappointed. Laxogenin supports other muscle building supplement by improving their pathway and add some spice to it with its natural molecular combination.

  • Safer Option than Steroids & Prohormones

To some males, using Laxogenin becomes safer than using SARMs and Prohormones. There is a wide range of supplements designed for men in which estrogen blockers and testosterone boosters are on the top. Granted you won’t be having any testosterone boosting effect with Laxogenin but it’s all about building muscle mass, isn’t it?

  • Fast Onset

Laxogenin mechanism takes place in the human body very quickly, which only requires some weeks of use to add a proper bulk.

  • Laxo is PCT Supplement

Laxogenin can be used as a Post Cycle Therapy after a steroid cycle or using supplements that may have interrupted the anabolism. Although it has no testosterone elevating effects, it is thought to play a vital role in not ceasing protein metabolism.

  • Stacked with Steroids or Prohormones

Stacking Laxogenin with testosterone supplements is the best way for ideal muscle growth and recovery. In this way, users will be going to add up muscle by 2 different pathways.

Laxogenin Side Effects

If using the doses correctly, Laxogenin has no known side effects, but only one that is a severe headache.

Laxogenin is indeed far much safer than the Prohormones, SARMs and Anabolic steroids, which have many side effects such as hair loss, gynecomastia, loss of libido, erectile dysfunction in males, etc.

The dosage should not exceed 150 mg after which users have experienced similar side effects they had with steroids.

Using Laxogenin doesn’t require Post Cycle Therapy since it never interferes with the testosterone production neither drains the existing Testosterone out of the system.

Many of us think Laxogenin could be the next alternative to anabolic steroids since the very first legal steroid Anadrole.

Laxogenin Dosage

Laxogenin Dosage

Every Laxogenin supplement has a different amount of dosage available in the capsule, which should be taken according to the direction of use mentioned on the label.

According to the Guidelines, the daily dosage for Laxogenin is 100-150 mg.

Some supplements provide of dose per capsule which is for the beginners.

Taking 150mg of Laxogenin is not recommended, but users must allow their body to  25-75 mg build their system for this after which they can reach up to 150mg.

Everyone who is using Laxogenin supplement has a different body, so the dosage amount and frequency also vary.

Laxogenin Cycle Length

With a proper meal and exercise plan, users are required to perform Laxogenin cycle for almost 8 weeks.

This is the time where your body may or may not get the maximum results and it is the time duration of using any supplement provides you rigid body and ideal muscle tone.

There is no PCT requirement after Laxogenin cycle.

Laxogenin Results

Laxogenin provides marked results and some men gained over 7-10 pounds of lean mass after doing a whole cycle.

There are some guidelines you need to follow before executing Laxogenin cycle, which can unlock your body’s true potentials.

Why Laxogenin Supplements Reviews Are Bad?

People’s experience is something that counts a lot because it gives you the idea of how it’s going to work for you.

Laxogenin may have kept itself on a safer side by calling itself Brassinosteroid but in reality, the supplements are not effective at all.

According to many users who tried Laxogenin, there were some changes in their body, but this didn’t stay for long.

Means the effects of Laxogenin or Laxogenin-containing supplements are not permanent or real.

Halo is the very first Laxogenin supplement which users liked at very first, but as they approached the advanced level bodybuilding, the supplement shown no positive results.

I may have run that supplement wrong or either this doesn’t work at all!

Michael Long

This doesn’t suppose to be this way, using Laxogenin is similar to lose money over something that only gives you HOPE!

John Sebastian

While there are bad reviews, some reviews about Halo supplement are extraordinary.

They were shared by the users who decided to pick a healthy diet and daily workout throughout the cycle.

“It is in my guess, the best natural mass builder I have taken for increase size through lean muscle gains.

I experienced no negative side effects throughout my cycle. Definitely will be using it again in the future”.

Legal Steroids Vs Laxogenin

We are talking about plant extracts on both sides, Legal Steroids like from the Crazy Bulk is the first alternatives to the anabolic steroids.

Laxogenin vs steroids

Rest of the gimmicks came afterward once they got popular.

Before legal steroids, no one ever knew the right effects of Laxogenin unless it has shown anabolic activity.

Laxogenin may or maybe not effective for the first time users because the steroid-like the plant is not only dangerous to many people but can be pretty useless when it comes to immediate effects.

True that Laxogenin alone can be very beneficial, but the supplements of Laxogenin are not effective like they supposed to be.

Anadrole is the legal alternative of Anadrol which provides quick muscle recovery time and mass gain.

It allows women to gain massive size before appearing in a competition, and guess what it’s more natural and safer than Laxogenin.

Ingredients in Anadrole involve Tribulus Terrestris, Whey Protein Concentrate, Soy Protein and Asphaltum with Acetyl L-Carnitine.

Together, these combinations of ingredients have shown remarkable bodybuilding effects in many studies and this is why we choose Anadrole over Laxogenin!

Final Words

5-Alpha-Hydroxy-Laxogenin is a research chemical like SARMs which is still under many clinical testing for proper elucidation.

It can provide a great deal of muscle mass and instant recovery time, which erase the pain of muscle fatigue in the users, and it’s ideal for male and women equally because of no interference to the testosterone activation or suppression.

Buy Anadrole online

Based on the reviews of the users, Laxogenin can be very slow-acting and may times you won’t be satisfied with the results.

Smartly conceived, if you use the other option such as Legal Steroids, there won’t be a problem as you are taking ingredients that are fully understood by the fitness experts.

To learn more about Anadrole, visit the official site of Crazy Bulk who is the first pioneer of the legal steroids.

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