Accadine AC-262,536 Sarm – A Testosterone Supplement for Muscle Building!


AC-262,536 is the ideal choice in SARM for performance enhancement with little effects on muscle mass building.

SARMs Accadine AC-262 Anabolic

AC-262 is a research compound developed my Acadia Pharmaceutical which mainly acts as a SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator).

The compound was studied since 2007 on animals, but there is no significant evidence about it affect humans.

The basic receptor for AC-262,536 is the Ki receptor of 5nM which gives about 66% of maximal testosterone producing effects.

SARMs are Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators which bind to the selective form of receptors and thereby giving the desired effects.

The compound, however, was intended to treat major brain disorders like Alzheimer and symptoms of prostate cancer.

Meanwhile, treating those conditions somehow had an additional effect which is enhanced muscle growth.

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AC-262,536 Mechanism of Action

The way AC-262 works is like most SARMs but its affinity with the receptor is mild due to which chances of side effects are usually negligible.

The basic principle of Androgen Receptor is to produce testosterone, which builds muscle mass, improve bone density with increased sex tissues.

Some experts think the overproduction of testosterone can also affect the mental performance in some animal subjects.

In female subjects, the stimulation of AR receptor can lead to multiple sexual distress such as enlarged clitoris wherein male subjects elevated chance of prostate cancer and testicular shrinkage were observed.

AC-262,536 works in a different way which is to avoid the direct binding with these androgen receptors.

This will lead to the production of body mass, but won’t affect sexual health.

We are not entirely sure if any bodybuilder has used it, but there are sources where you can see men who tried it, compare it with ACP-105 which is a bodybuilding SARM currently being used.

AC-262,536 Potency

AC-262 sarm

The limits of the androgenic activity of Ac-262 is about 27% but it would create the anabolic effects that could be enough to create massive mass in no time.

Not every chemical with high anabolic activity has higher androgenic effects as well.

AC-262 is a SARM and SARM commonly exhibits the androgenic effects with a 90:1 ratio.

This targets specifically the prostate gland in males which is the most susceptible one when it comes to SARM.

Taking higher doses of AC-262 is known to increase the performance level and muscle mass building in greater effects than using RAD-140 maximum dosage.

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AC-262 Benefits

After much research, these benefits were elucidated as a part of SARM AC-262 use.

  • Muscle Mass Enhancement

AC-262 tends to increase the size of pelvic muscle in rats, this effect of SARM is similar to the testosterone that comes with much side effects. Due to the anabolic property of AC-262 the size of a muscle usually gets bigger.

  • Prevention of Prostate Cancer

The main action of AC-262 is to deactivate the DHT, which stimulated the growth of prostate cancer. The antagonizing effects inhibit the cell proliferation of cancer in the prostate region. Also, AC-262 eliminates the side effects which users get after experiencing this type of cancer.

  • Treats Alzheimer’s Disease

Acadia Pharmaceuticals conducted research on AC-262 where it showed effects like increased spatial memory control which helped to eliminate Alzheimer disease. There are other studies supporting the fact that indeed AC-262 is capable of enhancing the androgen receptor level which is behind this significant effect.

  • Take Down Luteinizing Hormone for Good

Most of the times, luteinizing hormones cause the aggravation of diseases, although it plays an important role in producing testosterone in a heap. In the early stage of development, some health conditions thrive on LH, which in the case of AC-262 are mildly suppressed.

Despite the LH suppressing effects, the development of muscle mass takes place significantly with the perpetual dosages of AC-262.

AC-262,536 Dosage

This is the critical part for AC-262 as it only has been subjected to the animal trials.

In those studies, doses of 10mg/kg and 30 mg/kg were used to get the optimum results without side effects, but it is the only statistical probability that if it’s going to work on a human in the same way.

Studies on humans are required in order to find the right dosage for AC-262 and to assist its effectiveness.

In this point, we won’t recommend to use AC-262 but rather choosing the other alternatives might help which are:

  1. Andarine
  2. Ligandrol

 Are There Any Side Effects of AC-262,536?

That’s the beauty of AC-262, it works like testosterone, but devoid of the side effects which are caused by over testosterone production.

The binding affinity of AC-262 is like other SARMs but only with no side effects.

The long term efficacy assessments of AC-262 show that it can be used for a long time without any dangerous outcomes.

Testicular shrinkage and enlargement of the prostate are the side effects you get by taking a synthetic version of testosterone.

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Do You Need Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) with AC-262?

Post Cycle Therapy is needed for the replenishment of hormones that has been fluctuating as the androgen effects were high.

This can affect the muscle mass and performance level if not taken seriously.

It is recommended for the users to perform PCT in a similar way they performed the entire cycle, for the same duration.

For example, if you have completed an entire 12-week cycle of AC-262 then you need to stick with 12 weeks Post Cycle Therapy.

The best supplements for the PCT are the testosterone boosters which, according to many bodybuilders helps you to get your hormones in balanced form.

Other SARMs to go along with our MK-677 or GW-501,516.

AC-262 SARM Alternative

SARMs are research chemicals that haven’t been fully tested on humans.

Buy Dianabol Steroids

This is the most convincing reasons for some people to not use it for testing if they are growing a pair of muscles.

The bodybuilding passion led some men to use SARMs other than AC-262 and the outcomes were almost devastating.

The side effects of SARM include gynecomastia, high blood pressure, testosterone suppression, higher estrogen level with lack of muscle mass preservation.

Where to Purchase AC-262 Online?

The best deals about SARMs like AC-262 are available at Infinity Labs which is the largest page for the SARMs purchase.

But there is something you should know, these products are already in research so any occurrence of side effects should be directed to your physician promptly.

Legal Steroids Vs SARMs

Legal Steroids by Crazy Bulk offers a wide extent of legal versions of anabolic steroids.

AC-262,536 sarms vs dianabol steroids

These alternatives are made from the natural herbal extracts such as Guarana extract, Tribulus Terrestris, maca root, fenugreek, etc.

We are not saying these are more potent than SARMs or steroids, but their mode of action is similar to them, although they took more time to implant the effects.

One of the best version is D-Bal which is currently being used by thousands of bodybuilders worldwide.

This could possibly be the answer to your muscle mass building query that is always inflicted with the side effects.

You can visit the official page of legal steroids by Crazy Bulk and take a look on the customer reviews first.

Final Thoughts

AC-262,536 is the ideal choice in SARM for performance enhancement with little effects on muscle mass building.

There are other potent SARMs than AC-262 which provides extensive coverage on overall fitness goal which includes muscle building, fat loss with impressive sexual power.

Male sexuality is greatly affected by the use of AC-262,536 because of the risk of prostate enlargement is associated which is linked with prostate cancer.

There are only a limited number of bodybuilders who tried AC SARM ad found no significant effects.

The lack of human trials on AC-262 is the reason it cannot be trusted, but legal alternatives like D-Bal can help you get the same results in a duration of 1.5 months.

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