5 Well-known Gym Exercises and Their Alternatives [2021]

Best 5 Gym Exercises

Let’s take a look at the most overrated 5 exercises that people do at the gym, with their easy alternatives that you should do INSTEAD.

Best 5 Gym Exercises
What workouts should I do at the gym?

If you are told at the gym that some exercises are must-do, don’t believe in it!

It is the lack of understanding due to which many people have made a certain exercise movement as the heart of their exercise.

For example, to some guys, if you are or can’t do barbell deadlift then you are not doing gym right.

This is because once upon a time barbell deadlift was considered a primary exercise but as more things have been explored we can now see some alternates can work potentially more than barbell deadlifts.

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Beginner’s Gym Exercises

Not every exercise is mandatory to perform which is why some little alternates can be pretty helpful.

Once you spend quality time at the gym, you will understand the basic movements which can or cannot be performed since the same results can be obtained from doing the simple version.

Let’s take a look at the most overrated 5 exercises that people do at the gym, with their easy alternatives that you should do INSTEAD.

1)Triceps Dips

One of the first exercises a person learns at the gym, Triceps Dips is considered the gateway exercise to build tri muscles which in many ways considered upper body squat.

One of the things about the shoulder joint that unlike the hip joint, it is less stable and the user puts a lot of pressure on the shoulder while trying to get their upper arm behind the torso to get it 90-degree angle.

Doing rigorous tricep dips can drive the humeral head forward, which is known to cause shoulder issues such as AC joint, labral issues or rotator cuff.


The close-grip pushups are the next big thing to make the most of warmup time and are surely friendly for the triceps too.

The good thing about it that has no physical pain because of a restricted range of motions as how far behind your upper arm and torso could go.

2) Barbell Deadlift

Barbell Deadlift is one of the attractive exercises for males by which they flaunt lifting the heavy plates. But once again, this exercise tests the strength of your hip hinge which almost every person targets too.

For guys who have short arms must bend towards the ground in a notable amount to get in the proper position, as the 45 pounds’ plate is 8 inches off the ground.

In order to lift the weight, you have to bend a squat and a hinge where if you are not careful can be pretty lethal to the lower back.

The barbell deadlift is a potent exercise but it’s not the only method of hip-hinging, so users must try another method to build and improve the strength they get from deadlifts.

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Hex-Bar according to the fitness gurus, is an effective alternative to Deadlift since users get a full lower body enrolled with maximum power production.

The center of gravity in Hex-bar is different than barbell deadlift, the bar is not in front of you this time but at the sides line with the shins.

User finds it safer because the less torque on the hips and lower back is utilized.

3) The Ab Crunch

Ab crunch is one of the easy looking and effective exercise to flat down the belly mass.

You will find this exercise as a part of a test at many departments and it burns the calories in the abdomen. The very idea about doing ab crunch is right after building a core strength which is not possible with it.

In reality, the abs building works with the back extensors and glutes which stabilize the users to bend at the waist and rotate torso with ease.

In ab crunch, you are not building core strength, but only stretching the abdomen muscles.


Hollow Rocks is the best way to enable the body core to stay stronger that allows you to maintain rigid positions.

The good thing about hollow rocks is that it won’t relax a single-core muscle, rather it forces the abs to pull the rib cage down and in which is the prime job for the ABS.

Like ab crunches, you can do this exercise anywhere, it’s more efficient with better moves. Users who haven’t learned to master Hollow Rocks can start from doing hollow hold.

4) Barbell Military Press

Barbell military press or shoulder press is the first exercise you learn of shoulders.

Professional bodybuilders in the past have been doing shoulder presses, but the latest study suggests it is not the ideal or best move.

The ending position where you raise both hands is when you put maximum pressure on the shoulders.

The hand position during this exercise is fixed which is another issue, working together both hands isn’t always a good way to improve the strength of shoulder joints.

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Landmine press is the easiest shoulder exercise with only dumbbells or Kettlebells.

This move is safer for the user is working with one hand at a time, secondly, it allows you to see how flexibly the shoulder blades of you can move.

5) Pistol Squat

Pistol Squat is done according to the body’s mobility and the lower body, it is a single-led variation of the squat, which holds your leg that is not working straight and parallel to the floor.

The exercise is a challenging phase to your ankles and knees where you wind up lowering with little control. In the middle of the pistol squat, a little speed during lowering mode can help you get it done right.

Usually, some people rely on the elastic energy to push them out of it, but in reality, it’s no use for the strength.


Lateral Lunge allows you to put a very less amount of load on one leg as compared to the pistol squat.

The secret to doing a lateral lunge is simply pushing your butt back while lower the thigh till its parallel to the ground.

It’s less pressurizing but still, get the heavy single leg-work done.

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