How To Get Bigger Abs – 7 Exercises and Tips to Follow in 2021!

How to Get Bigger Abs
How to Get Bigger Abs
Abs Exercises: 10 of the Best To Get a Six-pack

Best Training Exercises For Thick Rock-Solid Abs

Getting a possessing, rock-solid, and a pretty impressive for the six-pack is one of the most difficult goals that you can achieve.

The lean and aesthetically mid-section is something that actually speaks about the healthy lifestyle.

In order to build up the smarter abdominals, you need to adapt the smarter approach like the lifting of heavyweights for the legs and chests area.

A lot of guys in a gym have a goal to develop the six-Abs and want to look better and chiseled after shirt off.

By increases the workout plan, you may grow the Abs that are more defined and bigger.  

From many years, the diet gains a lot of famous. It is true that diet is a very important part of the routine and here you can learn that how you can develop bigger Abs through workout plan, nutrition, and following some tips?

Many guys are concern about the Abs and try to find out the best and easy way to developing the six-packs or Abs.

If you also want to get the best plan and have many questions so, this is the right place for you.

How can you increase the abdominal therapy and develop the Abs?

The sexy Abs look great and what is the best way to building up the muscle?

In this article, we are going to look at the detailed review on how to get bigger or chiseled Abs.

Abs Muscles:

The Abs are made up from the muscles that provide the support;

  • Transversus Abdominis: This is the deepest muscle layer that is responsible for maintaining the trunk and abdominal pressure.
  •  Rectus Abdominis: The rectus abdominis is associated with the ribs with pubic bone. The muscles forming the six-pack
  • External abdominal oblique muscles
  • Internal abdominal oblique muscles

Exercise For Getting The Bigger Abs

Building thick Abs is not about to find the perfect exercise. It’s all about to find the range of exercises program, right training volume, and the correct interval of the rest between sets.

exercises for bigger abs
Abs Exercises

There are many Abs specific exercises in which some of them are mentioned below;

We should take a look at these exercises.

Before starting any workout plan, ask your instructor for the advice.

In case of any injury, you need to concern doctor for getting the best advice.

The First Step:

Before looking at the Abs exercises, the diet is a very important part for developing the thick Abs.

Make sure, you should focus on the diet and have proper nutrition. There is none of any benefit of the Abs exercise if you following the high-calorie diet and gaining the weight as well.

The accumulation of the fat may interfere with your progress that you make.

Keep in your mind that nutrition is very important.

There is an option to design the food chart that is based on small calories, the low-calorie diet allows your body to burn up the excess fat and to improve the metabolism.

Note down the small calories is the most important part because it prevents the building of excess adipose tissue around the abdominal muscles.

A lot of calories can hinder your progress or interfere with developing of Abs muscles.

Another thing that you should consider is to take pictures, tape for the measurements, and noticed everything in a food diary.

The Important Factors That You Should Consider

There are many factors are involved in the development of the Abs such as reps, load, priority, and frequency as well.

Some of them are mentioned below;

The upper Abs are usually targeted by the exercises such as cable crunch, and resistance laden.

1) Low To Moderate Reps:

One of the best ways to stimulate muscle growth is shifting your reps from low to moderate reps around 8-15 ranges.

It is the main step to hold the contraction for around one or two seconds on each exercise.

2) Weighted Reps:

Add the resistance training combined with weight.

Most of the people have increased the load on workouts for the major group of muscles but, they do not focus on the Abs exercises.

This is a very simple mistake that you should make. At least, you should focus on leg raises and 45 pounds for the crunches.

3) High Frequency:

The high-frequency exercises are also good for developing the perfect Abs.

Select exercises and do at least 4 to 6 times per week.

After that, combine two exercise superset that specifically targets the lower Abs continued from the upper Abs exercises.

Example: for targeting the lower Abs to upper Abs (leg raises proceed by rope crunches)

4) Prioritization:

Adjust lower and upper Abs workout to the one or third ratio simultaneously.

The upper Abs is followed by focusing on the lower Abs. Prioritize lower workout to the upper Abs workout.

Exercises For The Bigger Ab Muscles

abs exercises
abs exercises for men and women

1) Few Sit-Ups:

According to some peoples, few sit-ups are enough to gain decent six-pack. 

While other thinks that it is not necessary to do any type of the exercise for Abs and perform the compound movements.

While it is not wrong and not correct. There are several factors depend upon seeing the results.

2) The Crunches:

The crunches help you to get the bigger Abs. You need a rope attachment that is combined with a high pulley and cable station. 

For performing the cable crunch, make your head neutral and rigid the upper body.

After that, allow your face toward the direction of a floor and squeeze the Abs to return into original position.

3) Compound Movements:

The compound movements play a role to strengthen the Abs.

The compound movements are involving the barbell squat, deadlift, and bench press.

These moves work in different types of muscle groups and the joints as well.

They can easily give you an excellent posture to give your Abs.

These moves can create the neutral spine and protect them from any injury and the technique.

These entire exercises are enough to develop the huge abdominal muscles. Both of the movements are effective as we do by combining each other.  

The six packs are good because most of the lifters consider chin up and the bicep involvement.

These exercises are best and effective for the Abs.

Performing the back exercises are not only that you are working but, it can also work with your Abs hardly and faster.

4) The Cardio Exercises:

The cardio exercises such as the kettle bell swings, plank get up burpees, and Mountain Climbers for muscle. 

The TABATA program is used for the variety of functions such as burning up the fat, improved cardio, and bigger the Ab muscles.

How much time we should spend the training for Thick Abs?

According to Mark Dug dale, the IFBB pro bodybuilder recommends at least six days per week.

It believes that training for five to six days is the best time period to give you the blocky and smooth Abs.

5) Strengthening The Abs:

The other exercises that can strengthen the Abs are lunges, squats, Zercher squats, and the farmers walk.

The other Abs specific exercises are:

  • Crunches
  • Planks
  • Sit-ups
  • Hanging leg raises
  • Abs wheel rollout
  • Swiss ball rollouts 

These exercises are the best way to develop the Abs.

The other most common exercises are,

  • Bicycles
  • Lying knee raises
  • Leaning Trice

The other exercises that are included in the favorite Abs exercises are;

  • Bicycles
  • Leaning triceps
  • Push down

Stand in front of a cable machine and locked elbows. Maintain the ideal or moderate frequency to see the best results.

The successful bodybuilders have an advantage for regular trainers and elite sprinter usually run faster than the amateur jogger.

6) Abs Specific Exercises:

  • Upper Abs: Cable Crunch (3/25)
  • Lower Abs: Hanging Leg Raise (3/30)
  • Oblique’s: Swiss Ball Side Crunch (3/15-20)

Perform these three exercises in a circuit fashion and then doing these exercises for one minute and then repeat it.

If you want to perform these routines so alternate these exercises as well.

7) Sets, Reps, And The Rest Periods:

The training for hypertrophy and building bigger Abs is the best way to use a variety of rep ranges.

The higher rep ranges with a combination of low reps exercises are a great idea.

You should run at least three to four exercises for high rep and for medium rep as well.

The rest periods should have consisted of 2-3 for the hypertrophy and rest period around 2-3 minutes.

If you are feeling the more dizziness, nauseated, and short of breath than increasing the rest time period.

Train the weights and do compound exercises for the Ab. You can add a couple of Abs exercises on each session.

Avoid all of the junk foods, walking more, and conducting a light cycle with the Abs exercises.

Thick Abs Workout

If you want the blocky Abs so, try to put any one of the following workouts twice per week.

exercises for thick abs
thick abs
  1. Warm up
  2. Stretching
For Abs workout
Exercises Reps Sets
Mountain climbers TABATA Warm Up 4 minutes
Abs wheel rollouts 3 10
Hanging leg raises 3 12-20
Rope Crunches 3 6-10
Lying knee Raises 2 20
Pelvic tilt 15-20 reps  
Twisting gym ball crunch 10-12 reps  
Side bridge 5 reps  
Crunch with gym ball 15-20 reps  

Build Bigger Abs For Beginners

You can start with your Abs training by using dumbbells to get leaner, harder, and more defined core.

 When we talk about the moves for a beginner so, there is no need of an impressive kit. It is the best way because you can build up the six-pack for any time.

The initial results do not matter and your body is no longer to keep the massive gains.

You can grow the bigger Abs that is more defined. The effective way is to incorporate the six Abs with dumbbells.

Try these above-mentioned moves to get the six-pack on a track.

Incorporate a dumbbell weight that is good for every rep. Maintain tension in the muscle to build up the set of Abs.

The Dumbbell Moves
Exercises Target Area Sets Reps Rest Time
1A Dumbbell crunch reach Targets upper abs 3 12 10 sec
Dumbbell side bend Side Abs 12 10 sec
1C Dumbbell wood chop Targets core 12 60 sec
2A Dumbbell T-raise Targets core 3 6 10 sec
2B standing dumbbell Russian twist Target side Abs 12 10 sec
2C Dumbbell windmill Target side Abs 12 60 sec

What Should You Eat?

While following these workouts, you should take care of your diet and eat clean.

The recommended calorie is around 2,500-3000 that is the best way to losing up to excess fat from the body.

For the best way, track all of the macro and micro-nutrients to the body.

The high protein diet with a combination of protein shakes help you to build up the muscles.

Avoid the junk foods and limit your intake of the carbohydrates, trans-fats, high-fructose syrup, and the saturated fats.

The professional athletes and the competitive bodybuilders are eating the protein for the best physiques.

Different peoples believe that the carbohydrates are bad for your health but, actually the post workout carbohydrates also play a good role to give you the results. 

The sources of carbohydrates are vitamins, anti-oxidants, minerals, and fiber.

Dietary fat

The fat from these sources will keep insulin level stable and it is important for the six Abs and belly fat as well.

The protein is used for the muscle building and essential macronutrient.

The Workout Rules:

  • Do these exercises at least three times per week.
  • Take 30 seconds of the rest after performing circuit and then start again.
  • You can take one day rest between your workouts if you are feeling an injury and over-training.
  • Each of the workouts should follow by the 10 minutes.
  • Concentrate and focus on moves for contraction of the muscles.

Do not use the thousands of crunches, you can add compound, multi-joint movement to bigger the muscles.

Preventing Injury:

 Before starting the entire workout plan, you should prepare your muscle from the over-stretching and warming up.

The uncontrolled and irregular form of the workouts can strain your abdominal muscles that can be painful and difficult to control.

Performing warm-up actually helps your muscles to preventing from the injury.


If your goal is to build up the bigger Abs with strength so, the above-mentioned workouts are a great way to start your journey.

You can add the compound exercises like chin-ups to your regular workouts.

By combining these exercises, you will make a huge difference and get the best thick or attractive Abs.

My name is Dan Haege and I am 6 feet 6 inches tall. I have earned my Bachelor's of Applied Science Degree in Health Education, community emphasis with a focus on strength and conditioning from the University of Minnesota-Duluth.

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